“Seldom in life do we get the opportunity to come across a person who makes a tremendous difference during the most important parts of our lives, who truly open our eyes to who we were made to be.  For me, this has been Ryan. 

From the very first moments, he started helping me set my life course, identify, then push through struggles holding me back. He has done this by guiding me forward with grace, gratitude, and knowledge.  Ryan has profoundly affected my personal confidence, my relationships, and growing my budding career to become successful.  He has helped me to self-evaluate by giving incredibly sound-minded, outside-the-norm creative insights and navigation tools. (This has put into perspective a clarified picture and framework that allows me to navigate a myriad of situations and circumstances.)

His consistent coaching and guidance have been an extremely powerful and a transforming element in achieving my higher levels, more than I had ever previously thought possible. He is a real game-changer in all aspects of life!

– Kelly Y. (2024)

“I’ve been seeing Ryan as my breathwork coach for over a year now and it has helped me heal through my divorce, from an abusive toxic marriage. Ryan has helped guide the healing process by re-framing old inner dialogue and thought processes and be able to work through a myriad of emotions. I highly recommend Ryan as a coach. I wouldn’t be in a healthy relationship with myself or with my new partner now without him.” – Sarah (2024) 

“Ryan and breathwork has been a huge part of my healing journey after my divorce. After hitting rock bottom I knew that I had to make some big changes and with Ryan’s help I was able to become more self aware and calm my nervous system. I have gone to him once a month for a year and because of that I was able to make the changes I need to better my life. With his guidance I was able to learn new coping skills and improve my life. I highly recommend Ryan as a coach, because of his help I was able to find a healthy relationship with myself and with men.” – Gina (2024)