About Ryan

Ryan K. Hough is a man dedicated to truth, authenticity, love, family and health. His mission in life is to guide others toward a life that is unique to each individual; living outside the herd mentality and finding their own purpose.

He knows the power of the saboteur and has made it his priority to support others into a life filled with authenticity, truth and purpose.

As a Taurus and 4/6 Mental Projector, Ryan knows the importance of self-care and tending to ones own needs in order to show up better for others. He has a personal commitment of self-discipline, with daily cold-showers, meditation, journaling, fitness regimen, spending time in nature, eating healthy and dedicating time to his family.

Ryan resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, with his beloved, two children and their little dog Cocolina.

background and upbringing

Ryan grew up in a small town, north east of Toronto, Ontario Canada. He’s the youngest of 3 children and attended a Christian school through 8th grade. All throughout elementary school and high school, Ryan performed in local theater and school plays. He loved making others laugh and appreciated how it brought happiness to others.

In 2006, Ryan moved to California which was his life long dream and started working with agents from San Francisco to Los Angeles. He spent his time, acting, modeling and bar-tending, booking commercials, small films and print. In 2016 he booked a starring role for an action movie, called Monsters of Man, which was filmed in Cambodia. It was released in 2020, where it became number one on Amazon Prime and Apple TV.

In 2019, Ryan attended a 10-day silent Vipassana retreat, which had a profound impact on him creating clarity on ones total accountability for all of life’s experiences. This led him on a deeper path of forgiveness, self-love, self-acceptance and ultimately a desire to bring truth, love and awareness to others.

Having his own dark night of the soul and doing his inner shadow work, Ryan understands the pain and suffering others have endured. His ability for compassion, love and at the same time direct honesty, make him a great guide for others.

Ryan embodies healthy masculine traits while supporting and nourishing the healthy feminine. He busts through the old stories, patterns and cycles of our cultures victim and feminist ideology, seeing the profound damage it has done. Ryan is a contemplative thinker and an avid reader. He explores everything from understanding human psychology, the subconscious mind, how we sabotage ourselves, spirituality, the world in the past and our hidden history, and anything that positively reinforces a healthier life and mindset.

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